How to get clients online as a Nigerian makeup artist

In case you don’t know over 10,000 people are celebrating Naming, wedding, anniversary, birthday, festival etc. every week in Nigeria. In every elaborate and special event in Nigeria makeup is never left out for a menu honor. Imagine the 10,000 people doing events every week and you are not getting at least 5 customers weekly, that’s so sad. In this article I will show you how to grab from those thousands of people in need of your service every week. One of the thing people do think of anytime they have events to celebrate is who will make up my face? How will I get a professional makeup artist near me? In the past this can be a problem until NAIJAKICK CONNECT came into existence to provide solution to them.

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Being a makeup artist in Nigeria is exciting and rewarding. However, mere passion and flair can’t make you top your game. Your business solely depends on how you market yourself. The more diligent you’re in this area, the more opportunities you’re likely to get. 

Word of mouth alone while effective, might not be sufficient enough to link you to potential customers. There are several online platforms but ultimately, nothing influences people to patronize your business more than professionalism and customer reviews.

Below are online channels were you can get clients as a makeup artist in Nigeria

Become a freelance Makeup artist

One of the best freelance website for a makeup artist is Naijakick connect. Naijakick connect is widely known as online service marketplace in Nigeria. With thousands of users and service professionals. It’s a home of services, whereby five thousand plus of Nigerians visit daily to book and hire service provider. According to their statistics report, they have 1,000 plus request weekly on makeup artist, which is a bit lots of number. I guess you don’t want this offer to pass you by. Naijakick connect has lots of benefits for you as a makeup artist, their registration is free, no hidden charges. They only charge #300 per customer, if the customer did not hire you they won’t charge, your money will still remain in your wallet. Register as a makeup artist on Naijakick connect today and become a freelancer visit click signup and join as a pro, fill in the information and submit your application form. You will need to confirm your account. Visit their support center for any help    

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Easily the largest photo-based application globally, Instagram offers you a broad range of customers. Using relevant hashtags will gain you more visibility on the platform, you can download hashtag app on Google play store. Also, following, commenting on (without spamming) and creating relationships with other makeup/beauty personalities and few giveaways/discounts will be sure to get you more eyeballs.


Makeup sessions and ‘how to’ Video clips also do the trick. With high video quality and enough subscribers to your channel, clients wouldn’t be a problem and the best thing is, you can create tutorials with your phone.


1.5 billion Users in 180 countries makes WhatsApp the most-popular messaging app in the world – 0.2 billion more than stablemate, Facebook Messenger. You can make use of this opportunity to upload your portfolio to your whatsapp status and tell your friends to help you share.


You can create a Facebook page and group for your makeup business. Also, sharing of your past project work to relevant groups will go a long way.


Online business listings, are highly relevant especially with search engines e.g. when searching for “makeup artists in Lagos”, it is more likely than not, for a link from an online business directory to pop up. You can easily register your business on Google map and different business listing website. Search (business listing in Nigeria) and also


Just like instagram, Twitter also provides a platform and is especially useful for brands (such as yourself) and (potential) customers interact easily via tweets. With the right profile, uploads and tweets and relationships with personalities related to your business, you’ll be able to gain more visibility to clients.

While marketing yourself in these channels, remember to be consistent with recent changes and trends, have a network of colleagues to learn from and be social/responsive. Also be sure to address reviews (both positive and negative) as they tend to have more effect on your business than imagined. Good luck!

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