About us

Hello, welcome to NAIJAKICK CONNECT So glad you’re here.

Is not how you work but how smart you are and the smartness is what NAIJAKICK CONNECT has done by providing an online service marketplace that connects those that provide the service with those that need the service within their locality using the power of technology.  We’re not the employer of the service provider’s, however, to serve our customer’s interest; we verify the eligibility of the service providers signing up on our platform to work locally on behalf of customers.

Nigeria with a population of over 190 million people, what we think about access to service provider for everyday need will be easy ,it’s said that an average Nigerian spend 3-days in searching for who to hire but that’s not often the case. This is the reason why there is a platform that brings service provider and makes them easily accessible to easier life Naijakick connect as always be the first in this regards. Many service provider use social media to showcase their business which at times doesn’t gives out good result because they don’t know how to target the right people that need their services. With Naijakick connect, all these are made possible because we have the Artificial intelligence marketing solutions technology needed to connect better.

What we do differently which I believe sets us apart is, we don’t charge the customers looking for who to hire, however, our service providers pay small amount of money to get connected with the customers that needs their service which is very flexible (that’s the amount we charge for a bigger job is different from what we charge a smaller job).

In the past, you had to search different service provider’s information either by asking a friend or window shopping, and then you had to do a comparison with the data you found. Now you only need to complete 3 simple steps on our platform you can easily connect with the service provider who mostly fit your requirements and then do the comparison by only viewing their profiles. This will save 99% of the time of searching online and offline to pick up the Pro who fits you the most. As a service provider, you get access to high-quality leads and confirmed jobs at very cost effective price plans, you no longer need to pay for advertising or rely on word of mouth because we will do it all for you. Naijakick.com is owned by Naijakick connect ltd RC 1553621


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